Thursday, December 30, 2010

resolutions review

1) be more focused & disciplined: well. er. i tried! can't really say this worked though...
2)control my emotions better & not let them dictate things too much: unfortunately this also sadly failed, but it's only on hindsight; at the time i thought i controlled myself excellently, HAHA. but there were certainly times that i didn't act on things i might otherwise have acted on and i feel that should be recognised too!

3)to not hurt or insult anyone, and try not to let anyone hurt or insult me. : eh. i think this sadly failed. i don't think one can really control these things, but can hope & pray they never occur. and try harder!

4) to trust God more.
i did :) even in my darkest hours, i think it's safe to say i fulfilled this. in fact it's during situations when i felt most confused that i went to church to seek solace and light reams of candles.

5) go for bible study every week: i did!! thanks to my very amusing cell group!! matthew gooi & colin jj low's double duo standup comedy... plus ivy jo hianliang av rae diana eugene charis etc etc. although it may seem superficial to go for company and laughter, i learnt a lot about the bible from it. and i became more consciously nice for it i -hope-. also, i didn't really go primarily cos they're funny, so much so as i felt this aura of love and welcomeness which i've always associated with God, so it felt Right to go, even though its not really a catholic thing.

6) to not take people for granted: : hmm i guess i was better at this at some times more than others. but i was pretty conscious of it. i guess its what you arent conscious about that stumbles you most eh. like if you take it SO much for granted you dont know you're taking it for granted?

7) to run/ exercise moreoh i definitely did this more in year 2 than in year 1!! but it was migitated by going out more to eat also. HAHA. also now its easier to run with more than my own voice of conscience so that bodes well.

8) concentrate on studying and then be able to hang out with friends guilt free
i did this!! i went out loads in year 2 oops. plus some really happening housemates who like to go out to eat and you get this. but it was fun!

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