Monday, December 6, 2010

only thinking of good things - SNSD

for awhile i felt a tad annoyed that i wasnt living the same conventional life everyone else is living. but then i realised a few things
a) convention is relative
b) not everyone shows every single emotion at every point in time
c) being me basically takes away the chance of being normal and mainstream. seriously, if i was a salmon, i'd never swim in the middle of the stream ;p

last weekend's ripples in the ocean made things very strange indeed. drama, don't i lurrve drama. well im bored now, so, i guess, yes. but no i dont want it back it's okay!!

hoidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming!!
going to make COOKIES, GINGERBREAD, study at staaaarbucks + go to borders & page 1 with huishan hopefully. dance! run! watch all the movies i've been meaning to watch. and do the hundred and one things i simply haven't thought of yet

a few more pbp clinical sessions and we're DONE woots. most tiring semester ever, but one in which i learnt the most about medicine, life, love (basically, that it doesnt exist), and friendship (the jury is still out on the existance of this one. can only be done as a friendship post-mortem which defeats the entire purpose. but then you can sit somewhere under a tree and feel happy warm fuzzy that you have the capability to make great friends plus retain them for > 5 minutes!!), and Meeting New People

it is FUN actually. when i say meeting i dont mean brush past people without a second look as everyone streams out the lecture theatres. i mean chance meeting of people and exchanging... i dunno... friendly greetings HAHA its beginning to sound like meeting aliens on the moon. but when you get to know people a little better, it's really nice :) and i hope to do more & more of that. it's nice to have the Potential to bump into more people, like the random guy we were chatting to in the medsoc room. like how rach my junior happily waved to me at playhouse (i think she was high after a good performance heh. but still. it's niice). like how i'm talking to my current cg more coz we all just see each other SO much. (patho tuts and practs monday AND friday, anyone?! nonstop pbp practice as if the exam is tomorrow??) and then people i keep meeting when they shuffle the groups around and chat to as we walk down from the tutorial rooms/ random far-away harvey simulators.

my conclusion: life is like brownian motion, and everything tends towards entropy.
also, that mathematicians produce equations from coffee
heh. random but just had to say that

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