Saturday, December 25, 2010

christmas day

was well-spent :)
spending the last few minutes of it listening to colbie caillat as it rains outside. catching up with some of the lovelies, and more catchingup on the horizon hopefully! CA2? what CA2?

all of christmas was wellspent actually. realised that coz i always take the flight home quite late for some reason, ive spent the past few christmas eves on the plane. and i havent made it to an 8am christmas day mass since forever. i usually go straight from airport --> 6pm mass, with my maroon edinburgh medics hoodie that is now... MISSING. symbolism: 1, eli: 0. i really liked that hoodie!!! oh well, sg's too hot for it anyways.

actually people always say christmas is commercialized; i suppose to some extent it is. but the reality is that everyone makes a special effort to be happy and celebratory on that day; even self-proclaimed atheists would tell you to let loose and have some fun cos it's christmas. ;p

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