Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the usual pre-exam post

so... my exam is in exactly 12 hours time.

the sad fact is usually i just feel too complacent thinking i know everything already. this is HIGHLY UNTRUE since duh, why would they teach us about tropical diseases in the middle of winter snowstorms...

have been extra-cranky today. not really used to having fellow human beings around as i contemplate my impending doom. (my flatmates used to be cooped having a nice early sleep while i attempted to stuff things into my brain, with much futility). usually i chain-watch dramas to relieve stress, wish i had studied more, and earlier, etc

well this time i really tried. ive never studied this hard, or consistently, EVER. it's really been quite hard physically watching the extralectures etc etc. but you know what. i literally asked for this. so i will, and must conquer this.

just want to PASS, and pass WELL. no need deans list, deans dinner. 9-5 tomorrow. it's not even split up!
only one chance for this - let's do it.

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