Saturday, November 6, 2010

nodame cantabile

just watched the part in nodame cantabile where they spin the cellos and play the violins up in the air. hehh. can't stop smiling now. and chiaki is SOO hot when he conducts. i now wanna be a conductor.

i feel like i should make every effort to aim for perfection

this guy is just such a perfectionist (usually a quality i tend to dislike cos it means disregarding other more important things and people and SANITY for one small area of things which doesnt mean ANYTHING when you are stripped of all your material goods, etc.), and yet SO AMAZINGLY COOL.

just seeing him stalk out of his apartment all dressed up to go conducting, whack nodame when she plays sloppily, demand nothing but absolute fervor and devotion for the rest of the maddening crowd ie his orchestra that he conducts, makes me want to be like that too.

lol. i never thought i'd find myself improving myself for a fictional character in a tv show! but hey, whatever works right. it's too late to play in an orchestra/ be a conductor now :(

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