Tuesday, November 9, 2010

nelson hall

just saw ivy's pics of nelson hall. i have really happy memories of that place ... so funny to feel attached to this random townhall heh. and eh i didn't realise m& a were the games masters w/ c... saw a photo with 4 of my favourite pple in the world (but actually there are sooo many i can't count. heh. and that's what i mean by counting your blessings :)). also i know, it is only beautiful becos it turned out this way. which makes it.. bitter-sweet in a way, or maybe all the more saccharinely-sweet. i can't decide.

for tonight, i dont have to though.

random warm-gooey feelings tide you through the hard times. (let's just ignore aall the notsogood times yeah). like r said during dinner today, it's nothing compared to dying children in developing countries, the exam-stress we undergo, but it's still so AAAAAAARGH. anyways just going to do what i can and pray like anything i don't phail.

the saying - good neighbors are better than distant relatives - is TRUE. and i wouldnt be able to feel touched by the distaant shows of love if i didn't also feel sufficiently embraced by this place. i got an email along w the rest of the class, with my name on the seating list. and my heart leapt a little :) warren (i think that's his name... haha) coming along and us both doing the usual moan-about-ca thing hahaha really small things just make it better.

OK. i can do this. i am the master of my fate i am the captain of my soul

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