Tuesday, November 2, 2010

did two lectures in the morning, finished my ethics tutorial, had enough hours of sleep, and played sabotage with the guys in the medsoc room. good times yo. good reprieve from this neverending stresss. maybe i should feel more disturbed at the things slipping like eels out of my brain? instead i was playing card games hahaha. well it was fun

i got satisfactory for the ethics assignment and she wrote a few 'good!'s which made me all happy inside for a little while.

but the BEST THING EVER to happen is that i got published!! my poetry that is! i dont know if that will ever happen again coz the usual suspects didn't submit poems, and this is one of my better ones with good imagery and sustained metaphors (there's a lit term for this) so it's a good confluence

one thing i noticed is that this year is a series of FORTUNATE events, so so different from last year. cynic that i am i dunno how long it will laaast. but i think it's like the universe paying me back for aaall the crap, kind of like when you say IT WILL GET BETTER. this is it man.

okay, back to FAP, HNPCC, APC, etc. yes, ive studied it before, no not on the molecular Axin/ B-cat/ CSK3f and phosphorylatons here and there level.

really don't know why today i kept meeting nice smiley people. that can only be a good thing. maybe its coz i made it for the morning worship today. heh. and i'm getting closer to nicole & annthea, at least more than i thought i would when in desperation cos i knew no-one i went for the cms cell group. close enough that we can encourage each other.

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