Sunday, November 28, 2010

all is well with my soul

Serena: I guess it's for the best. If I end up with Dan, a part of me will always love Nate. If I end up with Nate, a part of me will always love Dan, so I don't know. I guess I just need to find someone who gives me what I get from both of them.
Blair: That's a mature decision. Not sure I've made many of my own for awhile.

hehh. blair, i feel you.

tomorrow - its highly unlikely it will be cotton candy perfect, but there are things to look forward to. this is the best sort of peace, because it's the calm AFTER the storm, not before. that's just dangerous.

today, i think i've come full circle on a circle. like the planets revolve on their own axis, but also go round the sun. like 365 days have finally elapsed. (metaphorically. i have no idea what i was doing 1 year ago) i finally finished the last spin, and i'm where i need to be. i've closed the last link, ive ended everything on a good note, i'm at the beginning again

nick lachey - resolution
Nothing but an empty page
Breathing in an open space

Here's my resolution
I'm letting go
All I need to learn is along this road
Breathe, it's my resolution

Living life without a plan
Finding solace where I stand
and as my said - the me then said BRING IT ON. and the me now knows that i am living out my dreams :)

also - its back to the studying grind. NOOO!!

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