Sunday, October 31, 2010

things that never fail to make me happy
1. looking at cupcake blogs. Kuidaore isn't just a cakecake blog (that would be Cupcakes Take the Cake etc etc) but OMG looking at it makes one feel like life is worth living. Don't get me wrong, I have no desire to actually eat these things. They're just sooo pretty *melts*... Plus this person actually conducts cooking classes, at holland v no less! BuT it's reaally ex =( Well one can always wish. Like maybe if i get on deans list i have some leverage (hohoho ya right)

2. home cooked fish curry :):) heck diets eh

3. making new friendss or just having people be genuinely nice. on friday - i think it was friday that is,losing track of time and dates these days LOL. there was no space outside the lt so i joined this girl at her bench - turns out she knew me, but i didn't - ooops heh. she was like "but i'm in your tutorial group!" yeah well pharmaco tutorials are usually spent hoping i don't get called on cos i really dont get pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. AT ALL. andd then another guy joined us (turns out he knows my junior alex loh! not that ive ever spoken to alex but i know of his existence) and he was v friendly. yeah guess there's something bonding about the monstrosity of microb. although some might say that having an epic night out is a preferable way of bonding, i guess i wouldnt have the experience of that anw so i'm lucky ? haha

4. kpop! 'nuff said
5. this jap drama i chanced upon when really really bored of genetics shiz called nodame cantabile. it makes the heart happy :) i think even if there was no eye candy it would. it's just so PERFECT. runaway, rain's drama doesn't make me happy per se, it's just like crack la. after even one ep of this one it's like... squeeee rainbow cotton candy~

ok enough i have to revise the whole of viruses tonight to discuss with trishaa on mon! whyohwhy did i spend today sleeping and trying to make myself run? I DONT KNOW. oh, maybe cos i feel sleepy and unfit. grahhh

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