Wednesday, October 13, 2010

there was a time i felt really bored, like, crap, i know all this stuff, what am i doing here?!

well, today's helminths lecture has CHANGED ALL THAT. (the lecturer is really awesome). but beyond that... there is SO MUCH I DONT KNOW. about helminths that is. and everything else. noooo!

today was quite a good day i think.

for whoever's interested
a) sporing anaerobes
- c. difficile
- c. tetani --> lockjaw
drumstick like appearance microscopically

- c. botulinum
- c. perfringens --> GAS GANGRENE (mmyonecrosis, crepitus, air seen on x ray, can have systemic shock)
local signs- pain, discoloration, fluid filled blebs
people who have war wounds/ RTA/ vascular disease --> amputation
use the nagler plate with egg yolk and antitoxin for diagnosis

too many, in a v disorganised jumble
includes: actinomyces israelii: actinomycosis
fusobacterium necrophorum

this is still fine. but the TWO HELMINTHS LECTURES.... wow no words. after that, we had a guy who was really enthusiastic about epidemiology, for a VERY LONG TIME. also, there was a milo truck outside. i really felt like i was facing mirages in the desert.

on the bright side, the guys all looked very cool in their suits today. conclusion: suiting up always works! im not sure how many girls they managed to jio, a la barney style, but hey at least they looked good! and the girls who did too - respect to them. especially in the heat here lol.

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