Friday, October 29, 2010

i think the unifying theme of the past few days has been BALANCE.

you really can't have your cake and eat it. but i doont SEE any way out.

this morning i made it to school EARLY at 8am hoping to join the varsity christian fellowship worship... well, today's the one day they dont have worship -_- nevertheless, i got a packet of coffee + a bible verse ;p heh. and my og did a bday celeb for the october people! looking at the birthday card, i am happy to say that i know MOST of the people who wrote in it, hahah.

also i have done a GOOD JOB at catching up. unfortunately i dont remember everything and certainly can't regurgitate things out in essay form. but hey, it could be faar worse. i like the fact that nat's so unapologetically on about mugging, as opposed to people who breathe down your neck going "stop being so mugger" etc... i mean ok, if you dont want to no one's forcing youu... it's actually really encouraging and motivating to have him acknowledge the xiong-ness of nus and how when i said that i'm trying but i dont know if i'm doing enough he answered "it's never enough". WHOA. such drive, yo.

but i'm really excited for hols :) IT'S COMING.

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