Wednesday, October 13, 2010

having a really productive session in the lib - NOT.

I think the way forward is not to let anything affect one. there simply isnt any time to angst or anything like that. furthermore, I don't really want to know the truth sometimes, be it about the past present or future. So just take everything as it comes, and with major pinches of salt. saw some pics on fb and missed some people acutely. But what I'm missing was loooong gone. We aren't those people anymore. I'd miss it wherever I was. I really dont know who to blame for what. All I know is that happiness is possible, for everyone. And that maybe today I made a step towards that.

With every step forwards, there's two steps in another direction. Backwards? Diagonally? Who knows, really.


  1. Hey Eli. just to let u know I know exactly how u feel. :) i am sure these people miss you a lot as well. :)

  2. haha thanks! i love reading your blog cos it makes me feel like im in edinburgh hehe. but yes, i think in life pple always have to move on. :( wish it didnt have to be that way tho!



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