Sunday, September 12, 2010


really. thank you guys

weiyang -who definitely reads this - thank you for being sucha good friend. ican tell that you're truly happy for me. thanks for everything man. the msn convos, the always being there, even the part where you encouraged me to go and work out. HAHA. that's the test of a great friend in my book ;p anyway. i will miss you la.

jensen - whenever i think back about edinburgh, i realize that it would have been totally different had we not been such good friends. there are so many memories it would take too long to list. swimming/ salsa/ cooking stuff/ you coming over to the flat/ cupcakes/ studying in the library/ you & may discussing singsoc stuff in my room lolol/ millions of msn chats/ coffee/ muffins/ starbucks/ deacon house/ kilimanjaro/ SKIP stuff (lol)/ the ssc projects we did together :) haha see clearly i could go on forever. thanks. you really are the best :):)

may - you've been a BRILL housemate and friend!! omg i cant even say how great it's been. all the girltalk in the kitchen, our cooking endeavours - ondeh ondeh with ash, pork meatballs HAHA. all the times when we come back and are too buzzed up to go sleep so we end up talking in the kitchen & always end up talking about the same stuff, the every-morning rush to lectures & each of us taking it in turns to be late hehe. the project at the western & having lunch tog everyday during summer! just absolutely everyything. the moving house bit was crazy, including the one-night stopover hehe so thank you so much for being a part of all my random nonsense heh. and listening to all my stuff, and just being so wacky and fun! and you defo made me go out more than ANYONE has ever done! thanks for making yr 2 in particular super fun for me :) ash too! thank you for being sucha understanding housemate! :):) & for always inspiring me to go gym hehe . and all the flat dinners we had together!
gill! thanks for all the listening ears and good cheer, and always encouraging me/ reminding me to go to mass! diana as well, and nadia! haha the edinburgh catholics! gill - thank you for being yourself - absolutely hilarious, wacky, offbeat, yet always cheerful and optimistic. it's really amazing & i really admire you for it. i was really looking forward to staying with you! you always make people around you smile & be happy so i hope you stay that way always!

nadia, jay: you guys always make things happening & fun! and HAHA nadia + weiyang makes for SUCH an interesting combination i must say. thank you for being so awesome & all the fantastic conversations we've had! jay: you were my one link to rj/ singapore when i first went. if i hadn't flown there with you, i wouldve been ten times more scared lol. thank you so much for making edinburgh an instantly familiar place & making it feel more like home to me :):)

ivy, jo - i am SO glad i joined your cell grp at the beginning of yr 1 with av & rae, or i wouldnt have had such wise and lovely seniors to always give me good counsel. everytime i had problems and went to you guys, it always felt so much better thereafter, i felt like i was more aligned with what God wants me to do and not just following my own whims and fancies and basically just going down wrong paths. i'm really really lucky to have had you guys guiding me in the right direction and learning from you guys during bible studies!
hianliang - thank you for all the help rendered - advice, car lifts to move my stuff so many times + actually helping me carry things up the 101 stairs. thank you for being sucha good cell leader and brother in Christ, for answering all my really random questions and smses, i know i bugged you a lot, haah i was really blur and stufff in yr 1 esp. thank you for the friendship and the chats over coffee? etc!

COLIN - i've only known you for a year but it actually feels like foreveR. looking back maybe i wish i wasn't so teasing and didnt kachao you so much, should have been nicer LOL. but then it may not have been so fun hanging out ya. thank you for making my year 2 so much more tolerable and fun. i seem to rmb studying in RIE A LOT with you, although actually i dont think it was thaaat much. it actually seems weird to go to the lib and not see rows of comps and see you (+/- glen) sitting there, or not to take the free shuttle bus back, or to not have someone wrestle and hijack my comp from me.

ikhur, rita, huihui, shiwen etc... although i didnt hang out with you guys that much, it was really fantastic to get to know you guys. thanks for always being such cheery/ pleasant people, and listening to alll my goings-on hehehe esp ikhur & rita. rita - paris trip + all the studying in yr one was vv fun! and all the academic family stuff, hahaha.

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