Wednesday, September 22, 2010

hahaha. i realised i haven't changed at ALL fundamentally. at most i've become a more kind person. which does have to account for something. but in all other respects, most unfortunately, i've retained aLL my bad habits.

i really wish it could be different, but hmmm i guess not, huh? nevermind, it's really not like i'm not used to this anyway. coping mechanisms 101. right up my alley :)

ps watching webcasts is like watching korean dramas. HAHA.
pps sending strange messages to people at 2am in the morning? not reccomended.
ppps two hours of teratogenesis and malformations = UGH. but finishing 20 hours of lectures in two weeks? A PERSONAL RECORD. note: most of this i actually havent studied before. at least the things you have to memorise i haven't studied before.

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