Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the funny thing about this all is how everything reminds me of something else.

also i met xt for gymming yesterday, was fun catching up :) i need to stop re-telling things, cos things always seem more exciting in the re-telling, but i can't help it!! haha you'd think i'd learnt my lesson by now but NO. also, gossiping whilst doing the thigh adduction thingy is so wronG coz firstly, it's like the o&g position, secondly, you do a lot more than you expected to do, thirdly, the next day your muscles will hurt superbly.

on my way back from somewhere sometime reccently, david called, unfortunately i couldnt hear half of anything he said. so our conversation went like this
d: i want to study in london!
me: how about liverpool or manchester! there's football!
d: oh, and also i'd like to go to walking with dinosaurs (random right???)
me, not hearing clearly: you dont have to study in london to go to buckingham palace!!
him: huh??
me: huh??

me: i'm going to get an iphone!
d: are you going to get an iphone4?
me: did you really just ask me what i want an iphone FOR?! huh, i just want an iphone cos i want an iphone la!..

the other day, i was eating a banana ball from the canteen. its uber yummy btw
nat: oh, that stall sells nice waffles
me: oh, really, how nice, what're the wafers made of?
nat: ... what's the waffle made of? whatever waffles are made of la...!

lol. i think i should stop listening to music on earphones, possibly.

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