Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the tendancy is to want a thousand things to compensate for what you can't get. well duh. retail therapy yo. cept my budget and conscience here is limited,so that makes for slightly more depressing retail therapy where you cant actually buy anything, which DEFEATS THE PURPOSE.

i want to travel to florence, vienna, germany, wales, ireland. oh and did i mention greece, korea, japan, taiwan? and india, nepal, egypt. i think i need to start buying lottery. or maybe start digging for gold.

anyway,scratch that, i dont think the days of angst were as rose-filled as my hazy memories make them out to be. so no, i dont really want that back. im just going to enjoy the clinical years coz those days of torture were FOR THIS. ps i really like these free days with nothing to account for and no-one to account to, as long as you frame things properly. mind-storms come and go, but so it goes.

reading at kino yest - margaret atwood's after the flood - brilliant. and some more of norwegian wood. i love haruki murakami's writing. then went with david to watch adam at esplanade. the world is really small is all i can say. met abby and gerald there too! maybe when i retire from a glorious career in medicine (ha!) i'll set up a bakery cum bookshop. and donate bread to the poor. i wanted to set up a hospital for poor people but ah i think i'll never be rich enough. so nevermind. i'll just give them bread. and cake, a la marie antoinette.

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