Friday, August 13, 2010

sometimes it feels like someone hacked into my life, and rendered it unrecognisable. which is actually in many ways TRUE. i really should stop giving people the passwords to do so. as in literally the passwords.

anyway! as my parents have been commenting, i seem to be playing all day long. heh. a lot of dance classes, meetups, bookshops... gill's bbq and sending rayner off (at 3am!!), meeting adam and the rather mad time yesterday at matt's place. alll my favourite singaporean boys heh. 4 doses in such a short time is really quite a lot but i'm glad for it :) as may and i lay on the couch clutching our stomachs at matt and colin arguing over the cam, i realised how much i will miss their special chemistry. HAHA. notice, i dont even say chemistry with me, but the two of them together create comedy gold. i suppose not the highbrow witty type eh but the side-splittingly funny type. yeah, that's good enough in a world full of uncertainty and shit. give me that any day. NO MORE OF THAT FOR ONE YEAR. arghhh. colin will undoubtedly live in rie but ahh no more friday night comedy :( i think the dinner with the over-helpful waiter was particularly classic. but it's a hard fight.

it's not really healthy/ usual to over-think the past anyway but sending people off has reminded me again of the freshness and excitingness of going overseas for the first time to study. hopes and expectations and things.

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