Sunday, August 22, 2010

SALT IS AMAZING. angelina jolie is AWESOME. ok, apparently there are some new revelations about her past or whatever. people, just watch the movie. she is SO HOT AND KICKS SO MUCH ASS. literally. kicks heads, too. and killing the guy when she was IN CHAINS, and causing entire highway pileups when in handcuffs? although to be fair, if i put my mind to it i could definitely cause highway pileups just by driving at sleepy midday in sg.

and jumping from moving van to moving van, keeping her cool and suddenly blasting away when the time is right. what can i say but WOW.

manyun <3! i hope she has an uber cool 21st but can she plan one in 5 days? actually knowing her, probably if she so intends heh. i feel so grownup usually but yesterday i felt like i was 15 again (especially at LIDO, place of our filmings and movie star spotting escalators.) and was nice meeting preetha again too! days of bubble tea and sushi and popcorn

soon will be starbucks with d, talk about being 15/ 16 again.... luckily with 1/2 the life/ r/s/ maths angst. in fact, right now, i have NO ANGST. WOW. what an unprecedented and rare circumstance. except the fact that i had to wake up at 530am to go for 7am mass, which makes me really sleepy and unhappy (the waking up early bit not the religion bit). grr. anyways it's finee coz it's sunday! actually since im on hols everyday seems like sunday lol. and the sermon was really good. although the guy just wants us to donate to his church (and leading to religious issues about doing business in church?) personally i dont reaaally suscribe to prosperity preaching but i think there's no way you will get CONDEMNEd for donating to church stuff. i mean how much you can afford to give depends on your discretion... but anyway who are we to judge anyway....

apart from the business stuffs the sermon was about some kaypoh or genuinely curious or guilty-conscienced people asking "Lord, how many will be saved?" and he said "Try your best to get in through the narrow door, for I tell you, many will try and not get in... When the door is locked, the Master of the House will say, I do not know you, away with you, wicked men! And there will be weeping and grinding of teeth" Don't you just love the language of the Bible for starters? It always sounds so grand and perfectly phrased. Even for a sobering passage telling you your life sucks and you'd better buck up or suffer eternal consequences. anyway i dont think they have much to worry about. it's NOVENA. even bangladeshi workers go there to pray, if they have miracles happening to them (which i tend not to doubt, i mean.... NOVENA), i'm sure they'd be grateful to give back. true that people go there to pray for help so likely money's tight, but sometimes they pray for health and these people could be rich, who knows. money can't buy good prognoses or good luck or stave off incompetent but smooth-talking doctors. furthermore i think those who have little sometimes are more inclined to give all they have (maybe, less to lose overall too? its quite sayang to give away 2 million) while people who have alot will think carefully about where to spend their money. not to judge i suppose. and i still want to teach kids sunday school. evidently i havent been scarred enough by how we literally tortured the long-suffering andy in primary three.... but wont be able to do sunday school til i graduate -_-

plans in the works involve treetop walks with nic and nandita! and vivo after! :)

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