Sunday, August 29, 2010

i love atwood. year of the flood is so so amazing.

manyun's 21st! LOL she really pulled it off in 5 days. see it wasn't so bad, all the planning and stuff! hahaha. but quite stress, dont think i'll do one for my own. nevertheless, fun :) never decorated for an event before by myself. manyun, in the flurry of preparations "just go down and use your discretion!" the floating tealights were v pretty tho

the road ahead is not clear. its the expecting, and hope, and thinking this is it everytime that really gets to me. sure, nothing's perfect or unmarred, but that's the beauty in it, in a sense. i'm sure You understand, even if they dont, what ive been going through mostly alone, and everytime i cracked and told someone, how it keeps coming back to kick me. i'm sure You alone understand every single facet,and that eventually, not just at the end of it all, but along the way, there will be pockets of it all being ok, random flower-filled happinesses. yesterday all the songs were my fav. heh.

and the last - the prayer of st francis - make me a channel ofyour peace
i will try harder, i promise

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