Tuesday, August 17, 2010

aurgh *stabs self*. honestly..... everything just keeps on going in circles. i refuse to change my priorities until everything i have is everything i want! REFUSE. i also invite anyone who quotes the quote "when a door is closed, a window opens" to spend a few days in my shoes. the hurricane of doors and windows opening and closing, as well as trompe l'oeil windows is a sight to behold.

sometimes i don't even know who or what to blame. pessimism suits me better. words dont mean anything. empty words 'it will get better' 'the good times are coming' 'maybe it's like once you turn the corner it will be ok'. material things fade quickly and lose their lustre. so don't even bother.

on a happier note... people i MUST MUST meet up with
- manyun
- nandita
- nic
- sharon
- rusydi

ps: baked cookies the other night. SUCCESS. :)

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