Sunday, August 1, 2010

i really hate having to go thru the process of defaulting until i can practically see people slipping away from me.

BUT i think there is some plan at work here (and reccent events have proven me right?) and i think some friendships are meant to be broken and some are meant to persevere thru everything

last sun was quite nice, bible study, confession, and a's party at night. then in the middle of the week - CAKE.somewhere along the way, i mastered how to play ave maria on the harp, in the middle of the night.

i think if all goes well i will want to learn it properly. it's the only instrument i have a smidgen of talent at. plus, poorly disguised attempts at prayer. when even words fail you, music remains. anyway happy thoughts.

hm dont know what i should or can say, but i just have hope and gratitude and we'll see how it goes

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