Friday, August 20, 2010


(coz meeting class people yesterday reminded me of it... haha. koped from matt's blog)

walking into bio lab last year.. we find a surprise test on our tables..
ms hor: ok class! as you can see, today we will be having a surprise test! (:
adam: ok we're surprised. can we go now?

random morning assembly 2006..
hanx: Ryan.. your bag's crushing my bag
ryan: Now.. isn't that sweet?

[Chem lab]
MrTham: You guys must always wash your burette! You never know, maybe the previous user got really bad results, then -pui!- into the burette..
Elizabeth: He's giving us ideas.

[Chem lesson]
MrTham: Steric hindrance!! The backside too big, then cannot have backside attack.. ... you need to cleave it first!
Matthias: -alarmed tone- Huh? Need to clean it first?!

[Chem lecture]
lecturer: ... and then you'll see one miscible layer..
ryan: huh? one miserable layer?

one day, trackers and crossers were called for a meeting near the GO after assembly. matt, abby, eli are late for class...
mr tan: why are you all late?
matt/abby/eli: err.. we had a meeting
mr tan: joash also had the meeting but how come he's here already?
abby: oh coz we're in cross country, he's a sprinter.

(i regret to say the last one took me awhile to get. HAHA. its also my fav, and reflects the personalities of all involved excellently. LOL LOL LOL) ps abby and matt, if not for you guys pushing me, i would never have joined crosscountry. tho i stayed the longest in it, lol. THANK YOU so much for that :)

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