Tuesday, May 4, 2010

am gripped with a want to do o&g suddenly. apart from the simple fact that i wouldnt actually get in ,academically speaking. I'M CATHOLIC. so that makes it significantly harder. apparently, i cant even refer people to a colleague coz that would be participating in moral wrongdoing. now i believe strongly in upholding my beliefs but just as strongly in trying not to inconvenience others when going about that. BUT O&G IS SO COOL. OH GAH.

yeah maybe i should get back to learning explanation & advice for my mock osce in 2 hrs time. i know i know this off the top of my head but... i realised i couldnt rmb the epilepsy drugs offhand so thought i should revise. ps: they're carbamzepine, lamotrigine, phenotyein, gabapentin, amongst others.

aiya all stroke/ angina/ peripheral vascular disease is atheroma (fatty patches in the arteries), no blood goes through cos of the atheroma, doesnt reach the brain/ heart/ legs so pain. uc - inflammation. epilepsy - abnormal burst of electrical activity in the brain. CAN ALR LA I JUST GO RUNNING NOW. boo. of course not. blasted perfectionism.

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