Friday, March 19, 2010

hehe just to bottle this up.

sec 4 i wrote in my blog: drunk on laughter with manyun today
now: ACCIDENTALLY DRUNK ON LAMB STEW WITH ZHUMANYUN!! thank god no hives or anyth cos ICP today

WHY DO SUCH THINGS always happen to us! deacon house, royal mile, random shops near forrest road, waylaying passer-bys (AGAIN TYPICAL EH) to take photos of us in meadows, med sch, our ahem, high ascent of arthur's seat. ok actually it all sounds v tame now but fun! AND HAHAHA our skulking around at dinners, being strange HEHE EXACTLY LIKE CHINA TRIP. of course i'm not living in the past or anyth, maybe because it seems like this has been going on forever ahaha... or maybe cos i have serious shortterm memory, i rmb once being v nostalgic about laughing down the rgs stairs. i STILL SIT DOWN RANDOMLY WHEN LAUGHING lol. what a thing to learn in one's formative years ;p just these days i realise just how much my secondary school and to some extent jc life shaped me. but whatever it is! this somehow is v SYMBOLIC. all those lessons when they talked about med stuff and manyun would say HUMPH ELI YOU'RE ONLY PAYING ATTENTION COS ITS VAGUELY MED RELATED STUFF RIGHT. and then sitting in on my lecture (which was q interesting actually! one of the rare times in my ennui i paid rapt attention hehe. no la endo is v interesting just sometimes it all flies by). and the SYMBOLIC THREADS. esp the running pics at arthur's seat and my short skirt hahaha. i wonder where the video of me running around sunset way in the short skirt we made for film studies is!!

strangely enough i have not ever been extremely nostalgic about anything other than the laughing down the steps, and listening to them talk math over recess. i think this is because manyun & nandita are 2 people that i am confident muchly in the friendship with? that even though we hardly see each other nowadays, and in jc depending on the time of the year (except library shennigans eh), things are always the same hilarity. haha which reminds me: nandita!!! haven't seen you for absolutely ages! and that the history goes back v long for. and i can safely say the day i stepped into rg, as in the very day, *cough orientation* is the day i knew the meaning of happiness. and i know who i have to thank for that. <3 you guys. (debaters, and strangely enough, og people too, but shall save the lyricalism for when nic/ sharon come!) and yea, definitely my strong friendships have made me take people for granted. good i realised that and also it's really awesome to have HAD those friendships. ANYWAY the u.s is v far so MANYUN COME STUDY IN UK FOR YOUR PHD ETC!!
NOW I REMEMBER why i could always bounce back from matters of the... thing near the aorta so easily last time. MYSTERY SOLVED. zhumanyun please come to uk!!! nic & sharon! come come!

that said, last night was amazing fun (note, was high). and its nice to know i can find happiness everywhere in the world :) happy bday gill!!

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