Tuesday, February 23, 2010

life is really very strange

here are the poems i wrote for you:
blue moon; i do not love you; weather forecast; Where I should Not Have Gone, the truth is, to forget, it ended.

and it encapsulates it quite well doesn't it. i'm not quite sure why even now it feels so strange, or why it lasted so long.

maybe just - that life isn't that bad. and always do unto others what you would have done unto you. and take care. i havent remembered this (that much) for some time now. but even so, things change. and one can change things.

i choose to be happy. i choose to do the things only that make me happy. and if the thought of you can do that then for sure yes. but then again it cant be forever and i knew that from the start too. just as i have made the choice i have made reccently, i also know that this is the perfect time to set my heart free.

perhaps i needed to hold on to it, to save me from this other insanity. and for that, i thank you. now, both stupidities are completely finished.

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