Thursday, February 4, 2010

C.N Blue - I'm a loner

Motivation is such a strange thing. Sometimes I fall into bed happily having ticked off everything on my to do lists plus done revision, and gone running, and cooked amazing and exotic stuff for the first time to boot. (Ok, these times are sadly rare.. haha) Most of the time I drag my feet just barely making it to essential things on time, stay up until 4am to do vile pbl cases, eat oatmeal for three meals, or have to go down to the little shop below my flat to get emergency supplies coz of bad planning. Or shop at sainsbury's for a few weeks running. Ooops.

Unearthed some highlighters I bought at home, they have different smells! Really cute :) My new obsession is now korean songs, thanks to over-watching of korean dramas. So was checking out new groups, and one of them writes in english!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the guy who acts as Shin-Woo in you're beautiful, he sings well etc, but his english lyrics ah... it's seriously like those magnetic fridge poetry. I think it's coz of the differing sentence structures la.

overdue library books, acid-base, meadows and gp practicals await. i love this i do, but. small things help you make it through.

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