Friday, January 8, 2010

you know i think i might be allergic to food. it always makes me feel like shit. everytime i get hungry like a normal human being, so i eat, then i feel like complete crap. since i have to eat three times a day this basically means i feel horrible most of the time. how to solve this?!!! anyway just came off a week of inexplicable stomachaches and a bout of depressingly explicable cramps, in which i couldnt tell if i was hungry or full; in fact, didnt know anything except OW.

however i do like korean movies! ahd haruki... well that guy anyway. going to run now. ive been putting it off until i feel less crap but seeing as its been like this since 10am in the morning... i really hope i dont puke and die on the treadmill. actually i HATE TREADMILLS. went running yesterday in the snow, was glorious but really slow. it's like running on sand only even harder.

EFFICIENCY is really elusive

funny how after i spent much time thinking about that, there seems to be a way out... but as usual nothing comes easily, sigh! well at least there is -some- form of an answer. if you always got wanted you wanted, things wouldnt be so exciting, right? right? ok dont answer that im sure plenty of people have fantastic exciting lives, good for ya!

hugh grant in four weddings and a funeral is :) :)

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