Friday, January 22, 2010

weekend is nearly here, i need a break from things... it looks to be pretty busy though..

on the bright side, coz r and k came over the other day, i was finally forced to pack up my room to acceptable levels of habitation. and ft island has the most heartfelt songs.

tomorrow morning
- badminton?!!
- pbl, ssc meeting
- think of dance moves
- cf

have been trying to sort out some things so i am not being deluded/ dumb/ depressed. somehow it seems to be either of those three. it can't just be blithe joy or anything, WHY?! really have been like going round in circles.

the best thing that happened so far is i passed the airways evaluation... hahaha. and had an amazing tutorial on it, also the neuro exam is fun.

meanwhile i might have invented a whole new method of self-torture. haha. im done with this, really i am. as soon as i can find a way out, i will.... but i cant find a way out. so many emo talks, trying to figure it out... STILL CANNOT. anyway, i asked God a question. and he replied =( haiya.

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