Saturday, January 9, 2010

watching finals of world university debathing championships. utterly brilliant logic, skills of persuasion, charm, and acerbic humor. wow. just... wow. i realise now that without having things to argue about, i basically have nothing more intelligent to say than happily discussing the merits of tv shows, and running. which are good things in their own right, but. unfortunately i never did have the knowledge base required to be a successful debater, the consistency needed to be a dependable team player (ie, only having one brilliant speech out of ten, if lucky...), or the luck needed to not screw up in front of the most important people at the most important times. oh well. but i love thinking about loopholes in arguments, finding new ways to push a point, and spinning my words to make things the other side said look ridiculous. i really miss being able to twist things sarcastically without having people take it seriously after ;p funny thing to miss, that. but then by jc, my lack of knowledge and overall style caught up with me, so it was no longer a validation of my critical thinking abilities so much as a deer caught in the headlights, flogging my one-trick pony (if i was lucky to even have any points, sometimes.) i remember some rather painful debates about missiles/ parlimentary systems. ugh. but then, also a really good one about culture. well. fluffy stuff but well-argued. if i could go back in time i would do what i am doing now PLUS read up.... but then would i still be on the right track with medicine, or lured away by words and arguments full-time?

i dont know. but at least this reminds me of what made me feel intelligent. its funny how things go. i would make such clever points in the afternoons and fail maths tests in the mornings. then later on, smoke my way through fruit juice debates and score sterlingly.... just another great example of how one CAN;T HAVE EVERYTHING.

no. i am happy this way. i had my fun, and this now is lasting :) anyway fun is fun, i couldnt possibly reach the impressive standards of these logic Apollos and Poseidons.

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