Sunday, January 17, 2010

two late night conversations until 4am

i'm shattered. as in exhausted. but it was more than worth it. given that my advice is notoriously bad, i'm amazed that rhese people wish it. more importantly its really cool that they feel they can tell me this stuff. i guess if people dont often tell, you feel its cool when they do. which is more than i can say for my usual waterfalls of stuff... anyway...

m - THANK YOU, you are awesome!! sorry i'm so flaky heh, you've been great about it thus far. please believe that i have every intention of making tea etc come true! and being a good hostess etc! if and when you come, i might be able to make good on this, you might be the first to which i sucessfully extend hospitality!! hehe. good convo, really. may we make good on our secret plans, meet gu jun pyo ;p find the answers to life and happiness and the things which have been plaguing us for so long. let our drama serials become page turning classics instead ;p ok actually only you will get the pun, hahahahahha, nevermind.

x - thank you, you are awesome too!! stay happy always please, i hope i was of some help really, you're sucha happy person must stay that way lah

my grand plans. START TOMORROW! wait, did i say that last night? haha, anyway...

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