Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tired, cold, irritable :(

genetics is frankly... ughh.. my amoral tendancies, disposition towards things which make me sad, inability to just let things slide (COS IM HUMAN THAT'S WHY), etc.... ughhh... i ache... everywhere. just was advising someone, oh trust God etc... its rather hypocritical since obviously i cant even trust him for anything. i mean, i guess i do inherently take things for granted etc, but that's a whole other sin anyway. and oh actually im getting rather confused... but the point is for the things i dont take for granted, i assume he'll give me a stone instead of bread. you have no idea. im not entirely sure if this is my fault because so far especially pertaining to this i've been getting entire castles worth of stones. but then again, he was the corner stone the builders rejected yea? right not the right way to be mixing metaphors but hey whatever gives one comfort. stones aren't always bad things. i wonder if it's good when one's heart feels like a stone? It's good. Yes, it is.

BUT! wrestling with my endless fountains of guilt, boxing is awesome, and nice dinner. it was nice seeing everyone after nearly 3 weeks too!!

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