Thursday, January 7, 2010

oh... hahaha... that accounts for it then...

on a happier note, the house is getting warmer. my flatmates get to come back to a really nice warm flat!! :) feel like i just came out of a wrestling competition with the world, gosh i hate these things which descend upon one with regularity... but it's literally a necessary evil huh. time to remedy the things i have undone in this time.

part of the distressing thing about life is how whenever you treasure something inevitably it will turn into fairy dust and soap bubbles. :( and then if you dont it will go anyway. so uhhh.... getting rather confused here. oh and then to prove something to myself/ others, or is it not worth it doing things just for the sake of proving something?

REALLY MUST UNPACK SOON. spent today watching heyy babyy, and last night catching up on gossip girl :) to numb the pain.... can't say it worked entirely, usually this works better for the angst- or boredom-induced type. but good try i guess.

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