Friday, January 29, 2010

just as I had finished making amends, more or less, for the unreasonable demands i put on my listening ears, the laundry cycle of life started again. It is NO LONGER an excuse to say 'I am human'. Because plenty of people live life without bursting into fireworks of banality and complaints. Because anything repeated with sufficient frequency starts to wear out. Because even you get tired of hearing yourself talk about it.

I am not scared of much now, except of having to make a choice. Having made so many in the past, none seem to have been the right ones, despite the fact that I firmly believed in myself each and every time I faced dilemnas and unanswerables. The plain and simple fact is that a probably unavoidable collision of my flawed capacity for free will and molecules in Brownian motion has resulted in yet another problem for me to solve, yet another lightbulb I have to de-wire and take apart. Any method of disassembling is bound to be unpleasant, and to leave it on would be to consume electricity. In any case, the light shines so dimly, if at all, that it might well not even be working in the first place. This is where the theme song "what should i do? what should i do?" comes to mind... see why I said I should stop watching these shows...

Finish PBL

Run, cf

Badminton comp :)

Make bak kut teh!

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