Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ironies and symbolism no longer mean anything to me. i realised today that i'm basically living life as a sim. wishes pop up and are fulfilled. hungry/ sleepy/ bored - get into a funk like the red diamond revolving above the sim's head. solve that - the bars turn green again. this isn't bad, oh no.

what's worse, being tired doing sth you like, or being tired doing sth you dont want to do? the answer is obvious.

oh, i still want this very much, and i doubt i will ever cease to. but there is only one way i can deal with it. so far.... it has kind of worked. i havent yet gotten what i want and i doubt i will get it anyway. but er, i feel happy!

on a less vague note, genetics module now. i can do this! i like having things to do, it gives you a sense of purpose. decompressed enough although i dont know what i've been decompressing. it's time to start working my way through the interminable to-do lists.

also i plan to make
1. cinnamon rolls
2. lagsana
3. curry
4. bak kut teh
5. spaghetti

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