Sunday, January 31, 2010

happy :)
1. badminton competition! fun! altho got quite thrashed... haha... sore now
2. peppermint tea from sainsburys
3. made cajun chicken (from packet spices haha)
4. yesterday got a cupcake (admittedly, i did help make it. HAHA)
5. interesting turn of events. although i no longer believe that everything should be divined out; rather that one should just LIVE LIFE and use common sense, there is something here, there can be no coincidence. its a long time since i talked about this to such a positive reception so quite surprised! but yea i dont intend to ever talk about it because it opens up too many cans of worms. what's past is past, if things ever turn out well, that's great

1. confusing opportunities for research projects, lots of meetings next week

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