Tuesday, January 5, 2010

haha! everyone has thoroughly intellectual posts and here i am, randonly angsting away for completely no reason at all. i mean, the disjunct is really rather evident. lol.

on another note, this is Good. it is like a change, the sort that when you look back upon it, you wonder when was it that all the inexplicable notgood things coalasced into the right plan; where was the turning point? well i cant read the future so i dont know if it will happen. but i can tell you, if it does, this is the point. i never say anything helpful or wise, continually change my stance, whinge like mad even though i have what we both covet(ed). but this i do know. i was heading towards self destruction and somehow in a phone call out of desperation to you i found the strength to pick myself up and try again. and then doors which i had not expected magically opened. i have no such ability of inspiration or influence unfortunately, so as much as i would have liked to return the favor, i can't. no matter, it works out well nevertheless. may you find peace and be happy as you figure this out :)

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