Friday, January 15, 2010


small mercies. actually despite all the stuff from last sem/ last year i actually really enjoyed the hanging out with k & j due to the similar timetable, plus w in library! haha. i realise not as much anat this sem so wouldnt have that now..

i LOVE a.n.jell, and i just youtubed f.t island which is awesome as well! i like how koreans like to refer to their love (esp pple they want to forget) as "that person"

when i miss you, i close my eyes, and i can see that person better
i try to forget and erase, but i get reminded of that person more
i told myself a lie thinking that person would come back

the sin of loving you a lot
because of you, and because of sin
i'm sick of waiting

there's something endearing about the translation

one lect, one pbl, one tutorial AND I'M FREE!!
well not really - sat - probably going to buy printer from argos + vaccum cleaner, then dance pract at night!
sun - church, do ssc stuffs, and coook

and i have to wake up early to print my pbl. aurgh.

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