Friday, December 11, 2009

yay i love it when people like my poetry! :) like when zh posted the world poem on his blog. i dont know. it makes me feel like a real poet. HAHA. yea yea cheap thrill. have been dragging my feet on the motor & sensory cals since like 5pm. ICP was so so draining. long conversation, but necessary lah. checked wb out of sheer torture and huzzah!

anyway. i think i have to run. because when i feel crap, i cant drag myself to the library. im doomed anyway. so i might as well run. didnt know i was so addicted ><
right finish motor and most of sensory tonight.
run tomorrow morning then pop over to rie for at least one of the lectures. then do cranial nerves, write up all the obesity/ diabetes lectures

sat- revise GI
metabolism CALS & revision
hepatitis viruses

sun - revise neuro
and neurophys, neurorad

mon - OMG OMG OMG.
considering to run on mon, or study/ sleep after the exam? i think i shld just mug anat. aurghhh

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