Wednesday, December 2, 2009

two weeks to freedom
twelve days of horrificness left
three lectures sorted today

on the bright side, God always saves the third time. (randomly trying to cheer myself up here...)

seemed to have unlimitless energy the whole of today, but i cant bring myself to face tomorrow. i cant even summon up the effort to make a timetable. HOW. HOW. HOW.
uhhh tommorrow will be a better day? NO IT WON'T.
FOUR LECTURES, ssc. thursday - lecture, anatomy, ICP where we have to perform the full clinical examination on a patient. and then write it up. as if we have nothing better to do, like, perhaps studying. dont get me wrong i love ICP and i will treasure forever where i learnt the skills of the clinical examination, i will look fondly back onto my first blood-taking, apex-beat palpating experiences. BUT RIGHT NOW. right now, ARGHHHHHHHH

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