Thursday, December 10, 2009


"to achieve the impossible dream, try going to sleep" HAHA, maybe that's true. been sleeping at 3am lately, or even lateR really. doesnt mean im mugging like mad, folks. coz i then wake up near mid-day. or even if i drag myself up before then, my mind certainly isn't awake until around noon.

ps adam if you're reading this, i'm MORE than traumatised by my studying hahaha dont think anyone doubts that

ive forgotten why i feel so tired
today i did
1. random GI revision stuff- saliva, pancreatic juice, bile, gastric juice, liver etc
2. nearly finished icp
3. epilepsy

not really everythinggg i was supposed to do but oh weell. haish.

1. finish neuro motor & sensory CALS
2. stroke and subarachnoid haemorrhage CALS
3. print ICP

to make it perfectly clear to everyone and myself, i now just hope to PASS. and retain my sanity. yes.

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