Sunday, December 20, 2009

robbie williams- feel

HAHAHA omg this place sounds sooo angsty.
so exams have been over for awhile, i'm really sick of talking about it so won't

fun times involving massive amounts of movie watching (avatar! jannat! glee! janne tu ya janne na). now im watching x factor instead of packing my luggage, ugh. i <3 john and edward! and hanging out with friends :) and did i mention running? also finally all my clothes are clean, wow. and the kitchen is sparkling. amazingg.

i really hope no flight delays tomorrow, but not banking on that >< i guess that's a pretty good metaphor for life, and something i should keep in mind more often.

who's to say this is not enough?

praying that it will be a safe flight, everything will go smoothly. actually i guess a few pple read this, hahah.. merry christmas you guys :):) and have fun on your hols!

please please may everything be allright

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