Tuesday, December 15, 2009

pray that you can have the strength to change what you can and accept what you cant and the wisdom to know the difference

seriously if i was able to live that out, life would be PERFECt. or at least i would just be happy. anyway now im really happy thanks to peaches and glee, hahah life is peachy ;p but *insert exam angst here*. i'm bad at exams, fullstop. so how did i get to where i am? (ie, in the middle of an avalaunche of notes and wearing rj fbts when its like minus dont know what outside.) answer: I DON'T KNOW!! anyway thanks to all who have been so encouraging :) and the manufacturers of glee ;p

have 12 hours before i sleep tonight. some things can be changed between now and then, surely. and then run! and i shall go ice skating and check out the farmer's market and eat at red fort and build sprawling gingerbread houses ;p and manage to leave a coffee trail all over singapore and scrub out everything from under the carpet in my room

i like these two week vacations, you want to do everything in them. it seems so gloriously exciting somehow. and having said that it's going to be really boring. HAHA.

how do i say this, i say stupid things when studying. i dont want to mean any of it, and i wasnt meaning to tell anyone. but things dont become true just because you say them. so i shall unsay it to myself in my mind. i've been through this enough times to know the end result, like a chemistry experiment you repeat ad nauseum. and even when you average it all out it wont be the same as the person next to you. FACE IT. i hate boredom more than anything else. but sadness is only poetic on hindsight. never when you foresee it, or when you feel it. i have great poetic memories to last me a lifetime and i dont need any more. and i know foreseeing horribilities never makes it any easy or happier, but self-discipline and being the grasshopper running lightly over the water makes you... a happy grasshopper. and i prefer that to being an angsty spider.

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