Saturday, December 5, 2009

i love snow patrol

ok i will do ulcerative colitis until the owl city playlist finishes

so so tired. no this time it's for a reason. everything was perfectly planned out then this had come to fell me. and now i have to go run tmr to feel normal again and I CAN'T AFFORD THE TIME. well it was gonna come anyway better now than just before exams. ugh. anyway. nvm.

random lyrics
'Cause I just don't foresee myself getting drowsy
When cold integrity keeps me wide awake

I'll keep my helmet on just in case my head caves in
'Cause if my thoughts collapse or my framework snaps
It'll make a mess like you wouldn't believe

whoa strong imagery eh
i realise i thought being a neurologist would be like being sherlock holmes except medical mystery. yes i know most of my happinesses seem to be intrinsically linked to lit. sigh. believe me when i say i do have a modicum of aptitude at this medicine thing. and i dont know how i can show the world this. and i am close to giving up.

but sometimes even tho you know it won't be perfect, you have to keep going so it wont be totally shit.

playing christmas songs on my laptop helped just now. because christmas lies on the other side.

ah whatever. no choice. just keep going. for the record i feel like total shit today. i did a lot, but NOT ENOUGH, WHAT'S NEW?!! not sure if i should run tomorrow. i really dont know. just finish uc and sleep and see how it goes tomorrow. cos if i mess up 2 days in a row hahahahaha.

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