Saturday, December 12, 2009

i know the road to happiness. but i can't embark on it for a few days. i'm sure i will get there :) eventually.

meanwhile yesterday had a disembodied lecture which was really out of the way, and disrupted by not one, but TWO FIRE ALARMS. then somehow stayed in the comp lab until 9 because i needed to finish the library books so i could return it. then as i went out the door, and it locked behind me, i realised i HADNT RETURNED THE LIBRARY BOOKS. WIN! luckily some random guy let me in again. THANK YOU!! if not i can just look forward to some 50 pound fine.

tried to go to wh smith in the hospital to get something to eat but it was closeddd so somehow got home etc. luckily i had quite a lot of random stuff to eat at 5+, greed does pay sometimes evidently.

not sure if this beats leaving at 5.50 to catch the last free bus and... missing it so having to take the paid one anyways.

so i was really tired and fell asleep at 11. (5 hours of studying spent.... SLEEPING.) woke up triumphantly at 6am thinking i could now study. then... thought would be good idea to read metabolism notes in bed. uhhh. NO.

right one day i will be less boring and talk less about failed attempts to study/ live life normally.

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