Thursday, December 10, 2009

HAHA. after really crappy day which unsurprisingly, crappy episode of greys (why?! it's usually so good. but the angsty ladies in ballgowns uh, not my thing sorry) did not cure, not even cristina's having to teach interns to read her own x ray with an icicle stuck in her.

the only thing which cheered me up was krrish! it is HILARIOUS. first there was the episode of the two girls in the elevator with the really extremely singaporean chinese ah pek OBVIOUSLY listening to their truly scincilliating conversation about their schemes, and the kaypoh look he gave them as he sidled past hahaha

then there's the chinese gangsta scene where the ah long says "i think is mask man" in the typicaL accent. it's actually quite an endearing singaporean movie hahaahah should be screened during national day or something. and the cinematography is awesome, OBVIOUSLY. i <3 bollywood :)

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