Saturday, December 5, 2009

10 days more

to utter freedom.

usually make rather bad choices overall. so ten days to some more rather bad choices. i know la. whichever way is all not great. so uh. what to do right.

and just a note guys. i dont fake anything. trust me on this. when i really cant do it anymore, i just remove myself from all human contact. everything, everything is genuine. even if i am trying to try, it means i care and it means i am willing to make an effort.

but anyway, its not like any of it matters. does it? ok, to some extent. it all depends. some nights you just wanna play emo music. im stronger alone anyway, i never have to worry about how i feel or about pissing myself off. (obviously. lol).

looking forward to bollywood movies on the plane ;p and a nice, WARM christmas :) there are happy things awaiting lah. i am sure. but right now, everything absolutely sucks.

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