Tuesday, November 3, 2009

up to my eyeballsss in work somehow

1.20-2 finish as much of pbl as possible + pack bag (applesss, gym stuff)
2-4 finish up pbl in lib using microbiology book, try and do ica, try and do ssc + photocopy copies for j, k
4-5 csppd data entry?!
5-6ishhh gymmm
8+ (giving time for bumming heh)
8-10 FINISH the pesky gait lecture. do the brain tumor lecture. and finish off the sleep lect.
10-12 pack my room, do laundry, vaccum!! copy today's lecture notes. thank u mantoux test that caused me to miss it -_-

lecture until about 1
prepare for anat

also leading bible study on fri
and must do ssc grp critical appraisal
and my critical appraisal with k during the weekend ><

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