Thursday, November 19, 2009

the unhelpful universe

if you don't dream big, I can't scheme big.
Does that pretty much settle things?
The Universe

most unhelpful message in history. if i can get thru today i think i will be endlessly happy. better start praying for a miraculous resolution now. i think dun need to study also. just pray from now until dec 14th. anyway study also dont know so EVIDENTLY THERE'S NO POINT.

friday will be better (after a certain time in the evening...) but then i also dun really wanna go. not dont want to go is time seems to be running the 100m away from me. and i shld not inflict my probs on pple any longer. ARGH. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

the weekend. yes. that should be good.

10-11 finish carb metab, print recipes
11-1 buy stuff from tescos, make muffins. do laundry while waiting.
1-2 cycling?! heh. but dont count on it -_-
4-6.30 shower + do fat metabolism
7- dunno what time - skip thing.

lecture, pbl, ssc 2b meeting. in between - nitrogen metabolism
after ssc2b meeting - lunch + finish pbl.
southsider + pccf?!!!!! lets hope huh.

saturday, sunday
gut tube histology
pancreatic secretions
neuro cals

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