Saturday, November 28, 2009

this is for someone who

will not read this. so if you are reading this, it is not you.

i know that it will never happen. but what you gave me is the best gift anyone could have ever given. you have unwittingly given me my life and every happiness i have ever wished for. for this, i owe more to you than any soul on this earth, except perhaps my parents who have made the final step possible. but without you, no amount of material accquisition in the world would have allowed this.

so i thank you for existing, and being there at the right time. and for your memory which pops up every now and then like flowers after the rain. my only hope is that one day in some way i will be able to repay my debt. be it tangibly (unlikely) or not.

and to those who might be reading this (a rather small number of people), it literally isn't anyone you think it is. :)


  1. HAHA no its not. you DO know who it is actually. hahahaha. it's you-know-who la


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