Saturday, November 28, 2009

perhaps should skip nutrition & go with my gut feeling during the exam. ;p ok. NOT FUNNY. i hate studying. although i only started fifteen minutes ago.

now looking at summer sch lit courses, apparently NEIL GAIMAN, who is my hero forever and ever, taught a masterclass last summer here in edin?! KILL ME NOW. oh well even if he teaches this year as well (unlikely) i'd be back in august. my ticket is for 31st july. AURGHHH. oh well. i can't write fiction anyway and definitely not fantasy novels. best not to let my deficits get in the way of unadulterated hero worship lol

i'm really glad i went for bible study last night. STARDUST & the girls <3. and i have to say i really missed colin & matthew's chemistry too hahahaha. both of them are really too cute. reminds me of adam & rayner.

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